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Avail from us the most commendable quality Auto Parts on which you can rely without a single doubt...

We, Bhatia Auto Engineers, are a proud and strongly committed business entity which has been widely renowned by customers across the nation for its specialization in serving the most praiseworthy quality Auto Parts. The incorporation of our firm was done under the guidance of Mr. S. Nirmolak Singh, which is now operating under the shadow of Mr. S. Jagjit Singh & Mr. S. Tajinder Singh. These are those individuals who have not only made us excel in our works as a Manufacturer, but have also greatly aided us in becoming a company which simply perfects at every other work. 

We believe in continuously changing ourselves and always welcome any opportunity which might slightly enhance our capabilities to cater to more customers. Center Bolt, Front & Rear Axle Flange, Front Brake Disc are some of the products, by catering which, we earn praise from our customers.

Apart from this, we are also highly renowned for serving Chassis Components for all heavy vehicles of Tata & LCV such as:-
  • Mahindra Jeep
  • Balero pickup
  • Tata-407
  • Tata Ace

Continuous change is necessary. This is what ascertains that a company remains capable to deliver the Front & Rear Axle Flange, Brake Disc, Chassis Hanger, etc., to the customers in this dynamic market where regularly improved products are required. The premises in which our offerings are developed is not only maintained over a large area but is also at par with all the standards of this industry. Each one of the unit is equipped with most advanced technology machine which leads us towards engineering our products in a precise and perfect manner. Spanned over a large area this premises of our firm carries in-house manufacturing, processing and testing departments. A highly sincere team of personnel is appointed by us, who maintains harmony in these wings and further helps us in achieving our objectives in a streamline manner.


We are endeavoring with pride only because of the works done by our employees. It is the way in which our personnel handles each task, which further makes us a business entity worthy of praise in the eyes of the customers. We only recruit our employees on the basis of their expertise in their respective role due to which we are able to maintain proficiency in execution of the works. Further, in order to finesse their skills we provide them with training sessions so that we can work with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Products Quality

Besides telling our customers about our quality, we portray to them the testimony of customers regarding the products they availed from us. We make sure to our clients that when they receive the products from us they will be impressed. The quality management system of our firm always ascertains perfection from end to end execution of our works.

Customer Satisfaction/Clientele

Satisfaction of customers is basically the only factor which leads a company towards winning in the markets. If a business firm has its customers satisfied then there is barely any factor which might result in a loss. We are an organization which understands the foretold factors and always ascertains to earn the content of its clients. Our belief in serving to the specified needs of the clients leads us towards customizing our Front & Rear Axle Flange, Brake Disc, Chassis Hanger and every other product precisely as per their requirements so that we can cater to their need accordingly and satisfy them from our end. The customization of products is done in a completely accurate manner through the help of servo and proportional controls, programmable logic controls, cartridge valve and other most reliable techniques. Because of such a client centric approach we have remarkably succeeded in adding a lot of names in our list of clientele which all belongs to the automobile industry.

Why Us?

Listed below are some of the factor on the basis of which we satisfy our customers and attain success in making strong relationships with them:-
  • We will to achieve Total customer satisfaction
  • We give Professional services to the customers
  • We always Deliver our products punctually.
  • We maintain a wide product range.
  • We are highly capable to meet bulk demands of customers.